7 Truths on Immediate Internet Loans


7 Truths on Immediate Internet Loans

There are different notions about immediate loans offered online. There are doubts about whether they are safe or not, if they help create a good credit history, if they are really delivered quickly, among other frequent concerns.

In general, of the immediate loans, also known as fast loans, loans without bureau or internet loans, the first and most important thing is to know the total cost after interest and the time to pay, since usually this money is characterized by generate high interest in the long term.

We collect true information about immediate loans online to clear the most common confusion:


Are they delivered in minutes?

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Indeed, they are delivered in minutes as long as you meet the requirements of the financial institution, the bank or company to which you are requesting. These loans are easily given if you fill out the forms in their portals correctly, send your documentation and if they consider you are eligible to receive the loan.

Once you register and send your information you can receive a loan of this type within an hour. If you are already a customer and you have a good payment record, every time you apply for a loan it will be deposited immediately, if it is a business day.


Are these types of loans reported to the credit bureau?

Are these types of loans reported to the credit bureau?

All your financial movements, payments, purchases and especially credit, are reported to the bureau and the credit circle every month, whether or not you fulfill your responsibilities.

If you stop paying a loan of this type, you will also be notified, so it takes only one day to pay. As if you are a good payer, it will also be reported in your history.


Are the amounts borrowed smaller?

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So is. As it is fast money without many requirements, the amounts awarded are smaller. They usually start by lending you one thousand to two thousand dollars, but if you are a frequent customer they can grant you up to six thousand dollars. If you want a larger amount you will have to look for a personal loan and not an immediate one.


Can I request them without having an excellent track record?

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Indeed, you can do it, as long as the financiers can confirm that you have income with which to settle the loan.

kubo.financiero is a regulated financial entity and therefore we look at a good credit history. You can check your free Bureau Score here to see if you are a candidate for a custom rate.


Are there fraudulent loans?

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Yes. Due to the large number of people who are currently looking for a simpler way and without so many requirements to have a quick loan, there are malicious people who advertise as lenders, or financial and fraudulent companies.

Therefore, before requesting any amount, it is necessary to confirm that the institution is endorsed by an official institution. We recommend you investigate in the Bureau of financial institutions.


Can your good credit history affect applying for these types of loans?

Can your good credit history affect applying for these types of loans?

Yes, you can modify your credit score, either for or against, depending on how good or bad you are. The score helps determine how reliable you are in the eyes of any financial institution where you ask for a loan, personal credit, mortgage or automobile. Here is more information about what the credit score is.


Are the interests of these types of loans very high?

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The interests of these types of loans are high, so it is not advisable to use them if you do not have money to pay them off in the short term. They are a viable option in emergencies and only if you can pay them in less than 15 days, since the interest can triple you choose to pay in the maximum term that is 30 days. If you are going to take a long time to pay, do not ask for these types of products and better consider a personal loan.


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